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What We Do

Look at you and build you

MothGen IT Solutions has over 35 years of IT experience.  In its recent formation the company has supported customers from the Investment Banking, Local Government, Event Management, Insurance and many more.  We focus on IT service support whose aim is to introduce processes that promotes resolutions, ownership and the development and implementation of real ideas. 

At MothGen IT Solutions, we look at the rhythm you play and fine tune the notes. We offer an IT support service that reviews your reality around service delivery processes and establish your possibilities. Our ethos is to get the job done and nothing else. Keep you moving and thinking on the right level and remove the levels that slow you down. We have proved and implemented this countless times over.

Firms are spending a fortune establishing partnerships via service providers that have left teams feeling discouraged.  We have developed those partnerships to deliver an improved service by simplifying the processes and applying a more logical\collaborative approach that supports both IT and the business.  The two common key personal characteristics that will dramatically improve the service performance levels in your IT organisation is Confidence and Empathy.

By improving your teams Confidence when planning to deliver a solution leads to greater Empathy for the end users.  This is generally realised only when it is too late. 

When entering the unknown you must - Use your senses to understand what people are feeling - Look around - Pause - Introduce - Look AGAIN - INTRODUCE AGAIN (AND AGAIN IF YOU MUST) - COLLABORATE - PLAN - IMPLEMENT - REVIEW - Plan again - implement - A job well done.....