ITSM Modules

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Change Management Service

Create a process that support the successful delivery of IT changes.

  • Raise awareness

  • Review conflict in a timely manner

  • Collaborate when necessary

  • Realise your achievements​

  • Promote integration

Other Modules Include....

  • Incident Management

  • Release Management

  • Business Continuity Service

  • Service Management Reporting

  • Tailored IT Induction Service

  • ITSM Training

  • Tooling & Online Reporting

Problem Management Service

Understand the root cause of issues that is preventing you from moving to that next level.

  • Promote the benefits of problem Management

  • Ask the team about what's not working

  • Prioritise your findings and the benefits of the work order

  • Collaborate to resolve

  • Realise your achievements​

  • Again, promote integration